Identifying Foundation Problems

By Reza Razmi, P.Eng | 12.28.2016

Cracks in the basement walls are one of the main reasons that we are asked by concerned homeowners to visit their building and provide an assessment. Knowing some basic information about the type and location of the cracks can help homeowners determine when they should call in a specialist.

Knowing the early signs of foundation troubles can prevent problems that ultimately could cost thousands of dollars to fix. The sooner the potential problems are identified, the easier and less expensive they will be to fix.

There are different types of cracks as well as different types of foundations. The magnitude of the problem depends on the type of foundation as well as the size and location of the cracks.

Over a series of five articles in TEG Educational Blog, TEG Structures will walk you through this basic information including early signs of foundation problems, types of foundation cracks, and repair methods.

  • Article 4: Causes of Horizontal Cracks in Basement Walls

  • Article 5: Repair and Improvement Methods for Basement Wall Cracks

3001, 2017

Finding and Monitoring Foundation Cracks

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Most homeowners ignore cracks in the exterior basement walls; a lot of people are afraid to call specialist since they think it will be costly. But these cracks are an issue that should not be ignored. Even seemingly-insignificant cracks can lead to bigger problems. Small cracks can let in insects, [...]

3004, 2017

Article 2: Types of Cracks – Part 1

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In previous issue, Article 1: Finding and Monitoring Foundation Cracks, the early signs of foundation problems were discussed. Some basic inspection methods were also discussed that would help home owners to identify potential problem areas. Knowing some basic information about the type and location of cracks in the foundation can [...]