Project Description

Location: Toronto, ON
Client: Private Sector
Structural Engineer: Reza Razmi, NCK Engineering Ltd.
Project Description:
The project was located at 800 Lansdowne, Toronto, Ontario, and was a multi-story building consists of 3 underground parking levels, Ground floor (Lobby, Lounge, &Residential), 8 typical floors (2nd to 8th , residential), 5 recessed floors (9th to 13th, residential), Mechanical floor (Level 14), and top roof .
Reza’s duty and Responsibilities:
• Conducted preliminary design for different structural alternatives and selected the best structural system to match the project needs.
• Prepared 3D finite element model of the LFRS (Lateral Force Resisting System) using ETABS software. Also carried out a Modal spectrum analysis for the Tower to determine its dynamic characteristics;
• Designed one-way and two-way slabs using SAFE (v12) and controlled immediate and long term deflection.
• Conducted lateral analysis and designed force resisting system.
• Designed foundations.
• led technical teams in preparation of structural drawings
• Conducted site visit and inspected different stage of structural works periodically and issued Site Construction Review Reports.